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Money Marv

1. Little-Known, Big Differences 

There's this little-known thing called Credit Repair its not a scam. Hardly anybody is talking about it. But when you learn it and use it, you'll see a huge difference in your Credit and how fast you can Create a six figure income.

2. Well Known, Little Understood 

Everyone's talking about Credit Repair , right? We all know that you have to make your payments on time. But what almost no one understands about Credit Repair is the concept of Credit Repair its not a scam. It's not working hard that helps you Create a six figure income, it's helping others fix their credit. And that can happen even if you are / can't stop trying to set everything up yourself, as long as you're also automating their businesses.

3. This Changes Everything

Are you trying to Create a six figure income, but finding that working hard is just too much to handle? Do you start fresh every Monday, fail, then vow to start again with the same old Credit Repair strategies that don't work? You need to learn about a new way of helping others fix their credit by actually automating their businesses so you can quickly Create a six figure income. This changes everything!

4. The Crystal Ball Theory 

Are you tired of working hard, but not seeing success with Credit Repair ? Research is showing that working hard just isn't enough, and helping others fix their credit is almost impossible for average people to do on their own. The Credit Repair solution of the future takes things to the next level because now you're automating their businesses for helping others fix their credit.

5. Revisiting the Fundamentals 

Do you spend all your time working hard trying to Create a six figure income? Credit Repair trends have really gotten out of control lately. It's time to go back to the basics. To Create a six figure income, you only have to focus two things: automating their businesses and helping others fix their credit. Do that and you're good to go.
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Very Satisfied Clients of Your Credit Repair Masterclass Mentor - Marvin Smith

DKR Group took my credit score from a 500 and something, to like a 700 and something, and I also got refunded on that.They are a great company, they changed my life.Things have been going like tremendously for me


I had the biggest day I've done in my life, today. I'm checking new cars. Man, if you thinkin about making a change, get with Marvin Smith, sign up for the class, and you could be here, soon, too. 


I took the course and in my first month, I made over $15,000. And, you can do the same. Contact Marvin and Gloria Smith with DKR Group. They're the best.


Marvin coaching has help me a lot throughout my credit situation. The coaching has been outstanding, with his coaching I plan on achieving a lot more in the fore coming future. I thank you very much Marvin.

Richard Johnson

Good morning Marvin I just want to take the time and tell you thank you so much for fixing my credit I will be doing an update video so you can share it I just wanted to take the time out this morning to tell you thank you I was approved on my home loan and I really do want to thank you so much thank you. And I also gave about four or five people your Instagram to DM you I know one of them did to fix their credit as well

Krystal Grant

Marvins class was a great investment and good learning exerience. I made over 60k in my 1st 4 months, If anyone wants to add extra income or start a new career i suggest you take his class today.

Derick Tolliver

"I just saw an opportunity you know, honestly, to help the people we're already helping.I'm trying to help them further not only help fix their credit, over 60 million people in the United States have had First Credit or have some support link. Something you want on your credit, so I saw an opportunity to better our business, grow our business."


Hi, everybody, Tamara from Boston is here. I went with Marvin to a conference and believe it or not, we both participate in the conference but I learned so much from him, so if you're going anywhere, the knowledge is not always with the teachers.
It can be sometimes with the students.
Enjoy the day and find another Marvin wherever you are.


Many thanks to you guys and your team. I'm very impressed with the work DKR group has been doing with my credit file. Me and my wife are only a few more steps away from being able to purchase our first home. Thank you again

Victor Tate

My goal is to purchase my home. My son recommended you to me. He shared with that your company is the best. I believe him and here I am.

Rita Brown

In January 2019 I was referred to you all by a family member. I spoke with Gloria on Wednesday night, she patiently went over everything with me. That Friday I took the next step that changed my life. I went from needing a co-signer on an apartment to purchasing a home 8 months later with a 3% interest rate. I was getting offers for major credit cards and was able to reduce the interest on loans I had prior to partnering with DKR Group. December 2019, I was able to purchase my dream car with a 2% interest rate. I pay less then $500 for my 2019 Mercedes truck with nothing down. When I made the decision to invest in my credit recovery, I was going to take this serious and make it a lifestyle. 


I wanted to Thank You for all of your help in getting my credit together before buying my beautiful new house. I moved in a few months ago but wanted to make sure to Thank You for your services.

Walter Cotson

Man your business is great I had a bankruptcy on my record and I just checked lexis nexis website and it looks like it’s gone now! That is amazing!

Perry Malone

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Here's to your success with 
Credit Repair Masterclass Mentors!
Marvin And Gloria Smith
PS - If you're sick and tired of traditional marketing makes it very expensive to find coaching clients to help them with their credit, then Credit Repair Masterclass is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!

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